Believe it or not 95% of the Guitar Tracks recorded on my album were through the Line 6 Guitar Port. The Guitar for 95% of the record was my 1993 US Tele which had a Seymour Duncan Qrt Pound pickup at the time.

Since then Ive changed things up a bit and have amassed this collection.

1993 US Purple Telecaster, White Pickguard, Rosewood Finger board now with Mike Brierley Custom Wound Pickups. My baby. My brother Dean bought this for my 30th birthday present. What a guy. Its my main axe.
1995 Orville Les Paul , Standard Rosewood fingerboard. Bareknuckles Black Dog Bridge, SD Jazz Neck. The best Les Paul Copy I have played. This is going to cover the Jimmy Page, Billy Gibbons styles Im hoping to dig into more.
Black Strat with 1980s fender Maple Neck, Lollar Pickups. A lovely strat. This will be my axe of choice for upcoming "Hendrix" show experiments.
2006 Upfold Telecaster Guitar, Red Racing Stripe. Now with SD 59B SD Jazz Neck. (RIP Craig Upfold). This was the guitar I used on the Footy Show. Its a great guitar (very heavy) and plays the Hot Tele Role nicely. I holds a special place for me now since Craigs recent death.
1987 BC Rich Mockingbird. Black with Floyd Rose. A beast of a thing. An old classic of mine that I used briefly during the hey day. I actually sold this guitar but still possess it.
1999 Martin D16 Mohagany acoustic with nice Fishman Pickup. Awesome warm acoustic sound. Its fav acoustic ever.
2009 Martin DX1 Spruce Top. Workhorse. Does the job.
2000ish Fender Telecaster, Natural Finish, Black Pickguard, Qrt Pd Bridge. Another present from m bro Dean. Fat neck on this one. Its got the keef vibe about it.

Vox AC50 Chinese Model. Awesome clean channel on this amp but chews up the valves. May not remain in the collection
Vox AC15 Handwired Chinese. Another great little Vox Amp. Celestion Blue Speaker. Have to hang onto this one.
Fender 1962 Brownface Vibrolux 35W. Weber Speaer. Awesome inspiring amp. Too early for reverb. Sounds great clean and even better cranked. A true gem.
Fender 1982 Concert (Rivera Era), 60W, new Jensen Speaker. A really good clean blackface Fender sound. Like a smaller Twin Reverb. Its my main amp at the mo cause its easy to get around and covers all bases with my pedals. 
Marshall JCM8001982 4104. Nice old amp. Has that slash sound.
Marshall JCM800 1985 4210. Great clean sound although not as good as the fenders. May not last
Ceriatone Plexi 50W. Great Amp. Covers all Marshall territory.
4 x 12 Celestion Greenbacks 100W. My oldest bit of gear. Bought this off the bass layer from Aus Crawl when I was 16.
2 x 12 Celestion GH30 speakers. A nice sounding smaller box.

This is my current pedal board I use when gigging with the Nevilles. Its all on a Pedal Train Jnr
Line 6 Wireless
Xotice AC Booster
Looper pedal 
Boss OD3 - No one seems to like this pedal except me. My fav tube screamer type.
Fultone OCD - Love this pedal (I occasionally hate it too). 
Line 6 M9 - Cool pedal. Although the dirts are average. Use it for everything else.
Flying Lizard Booster  - Clean boost with True Bpass.

This is the bigger board and has the rest of my pedals. Its on a PT2 Pedal Train. This board is in constant tunaround as I tend to buy a whole swag of pedals, AB them against each other then sell off the ones that didnt qualify.

Vox Wah with Area 51 modification  - Nice Wah
Love Pedal eternity - Still not 100% on this pedal but its nice and smooth.
Fulltone Fulldrive 2 - Im becoming  a Fulltone head.
Pinnacle Wampler - Brown sound in a box. Kick Ass.
Boss CE2 CHorus - Old and still the best
Boss DD7 - Nice delay. Covers a lot of ground.
MXR Micro Boost - My fav booster.
Korg Tuner

Im getting closer to doing a Hendrix show and the pedal board is important to get right. I have just purchased a Fullone Clyde Wah and am keen to Ab it to my current wah.
Ive recently bought  a number of fuzz pedals including Analoguman Sunface Red Dot Germ, Fulltone Mk2 69 fuzz, Fulltown 69 Mk1, Dunlop JH1 Silicon Fuzz. Cant wait to get these together for an AB.
That only leaves the Vibe and Im there.